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Podcast Reflection: UnderTale

Humor, determination, and violence were some of the themes that were touched upon in discussion with the co-producer, Cherie, and line producer, Wenyi. An all-inclusive approach was involved, because it felt there would be missing elements that would not explain the length and depth of the game. Between producers, the work was placed on googleContinue reading “Podcast Reflection: UnderTale”

Doing laundry plus origami tutorial

It’s origami. I had a really fun time, making each little piece, from the drawers to the trousers. Of course, the trousers and drawers combo was the center piece for this side quest. And the pants do fit perfectly into the sliding drawers. I created and posted my own tutorial down below on how toContinue reading “Doing laundry plus origami tutorial”

A Little Crafter’s Party

My bathroom got turned into a kids’ birthday party all with party favors and arts and crafts! I chose the shark mask, but there are plenty of other cute items to win and plenty of drawing materials from scented markers to waterbased ones to share. Pardon me, but the unicorn ate all the candy weContinue reading “A Little Crafter’s Party”

Bookies, Druggies, Dead Babies >> Fiasco Game Reflection

Fiasco offered an experience full of tantalizing objects, needs, and people in the hands of a few dice and an online guidebook. This was a difficult session amongst the five players who played; one was replaced with another player, ultimately changing the social dynamics from the start. The frozen tundra pre-set game changed into aContinue reading “Bookies, Druggies, Dead Babies >> Fiasco Game Reflection”