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Utility or Baggage?

I find myself often lugging around objects that are used and go disused in the hopes that it will be useful.

Dolling up my laptop!

Often I change the interface, preferring simplistic themes to the point that I would coordinate my google profile picture to fit the web and screen saver. Current fav: Finding Nemo.

It holds all my notes, calendar, and duties (which I somehow forget every time unless I pull out my computer in front of me)

Latchkey kid

Spongebob and I go way back. Sometimes, I look at it and decide which face/emotion I’m feeling. I also wave it around too much, risking the loss of my emory card, but I have to live on the edge somehow.

I realized I could just stick the cards in my backpack, but…. it’s spongebob.

Beloved Pencil Pouch

It had a matching pencil with it. Such fond memories come in as this was my birthday gift from an old friend.

Becoming an IPhone converter

I disliked IPhone for the longest time, but college soon came and IPhone’s simple interface became my savior. I am also an avid photo taker at events, so silly poses and photo editing is a fun and nostalgic way to bring friends together.

Tissues , Sanitizer, and Airborne Vitamins

Just in case, but in my case, I never get the sniffles (possession of monster immunity); The sweet pea sanitizer is starting to smell more like sanitizer than sweet pea.

Composition book

Another “just in case”, this holds my calendar if my phone or computer runs out of battery. I like to arrange it with doodles like those bullet journals people have nowadays.


I am slowly starting to figure out that I may not need this in my 2nd semester classes, but it would bother me if I did not lug this around (I lugged it around the past 5-6 years).


Contains my notes, paper, and musical notations. Flimsy material is the lightest and the best; however, it is a bit odd to see Bach and Tchaikovsky mixing with my chem notes.


Roman Law? A great class and an amazing professor. The books? Additional back pain.

What’s my take on this?

The image only reflects my exterior side of handling things, often to the idea of simplicity and ease of use rather than personality. Thus, it only focuses on my working background. This image is certainly lacking on the edited and composition side. I wish I knew a better way to edit the photo and compose it, but taking photos of objects are more foreign to me than pictures of people. The parameters of lighting (brilliance and exposure) were raised, and the shadows were lowered. No appliance of brightness as the photo was too bright. No filters were used, and colors were only saturated by 5%. Things I would change is the angle, the reflection of light on the binder, and the color grading, but this was all used by an IPhone with limitations. Most objects were displayed with an exception to hygiene items. The most challenging was the photo taking. Lastly, the representation of oneself’s as a catalog of stuff is a type of writing. It requires a certain stance in representing one’s purpose, a tone, and a consideration to the audience. In this case, my audience in mind was other college students, the tone was comical, and the purpose was to be entertaining while painting a life-portrait. The means to compose a character requires explanation and evidence (photo). The medium was a blog, context was a written assignment, and design was of individual choice through photo editing and orientation of blog post. All these elements require careful thought. Therefore, this was a writing piece.


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