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I chose this image, Kirby in particular, because I found him to be cheerful with a heavy appetite, quite like mine. He is a flexible and adaptive character in absorbing his enemies/weaknesses and turning them into his power; in doing so, he aligns to how I wish to learn and grow. This 3d model of him in real-life gives a more animated outlook which portrays how I also wish to express the skills and characters I gain from theory into actual practice. Chalkduster font was used to emphasize the easygoing and adaptive nature of this image.

Some difficulties I had were trying to use the interfaces between Picmonkey and Pixlr as one required a free trial, and the other had more presets/options to elaborate on. I also tried to understand the pixels width and length as I downloaded the image and cropped it appropriately.

Image Credits: “Kirby Invades Chateau de Ranton” by Nick Silver Sides.



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