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Us Three Girls Plus One Boy >> Doki Doki LC’s Podcast Creation

Doki Doki Literature Club was a game heavily focused on the visual contrast of expectations between gore and adorable girls. When we first started the podcast, we decided that it required first-person experience. Both producers browsed through playthroughs, reactions, and reviews. I acquired my understanding of the game by playing through the actual game from Steam and browsing through game mods, memes, and game conspiracy theories. One theory was how the online store merchandise gave quick ideas of how this game hid a story about dystopian religious camps and human experimentation. My Co-Producer focused on the description of Doki Doki Literature Club on Steam and on secret ends. We both played the game.

The creation of a google doc is where we added ideas to each other. Texting was important, and we had spent one whole day going through the run-through of the podcast. An outline was included. During the podcast, subtopics and free-style talking was emphasized. The editing re-ordered the subjects wherever we left off. Typing out a quick script of dialogue in response to the partner’s really helped organize our thoughts. When either of us were stuck, we had suggestions as a group worked out. The line producer voice acted and edited the audio along with us.

We decided against the whole summary format of the game compared to the Android Podcast, because the game was simplistic and focused more on mechanics and character. We also were inspired by the gameplay aspect of 99% Invisible and the personal anecdote styles from the “What Would You Do If You Were An Android”. Also the advice in class about using music as talking cues helped inspire us and was included in our podcast.

Our primary goal was to exploit the 4th Wall Breaking theme and how it relates to the microecology and larger ecosystem of games and society. Ultimately, we wanted to show how it becomes a self-conscious and emphatic game that borders visual novels and games compared to other media. We used to Genre, Purpose, Audience, etc. outline. Articles from the creator’s interview explained game purpose and design. A challenge that arose was the explanation of mechanics and how in depth it should be in order not to overshadow the general storyline. This was solved by focusing on the coding and minigames while implying visual novel elements. It would be preferential to describe how game modifications and code analyzers added complexity such as hidden codes character symbolism.

Through the final outcome, we achieved composing texts in multiple genres by restating articles of creator opinion in the podcast, using audio to summarize the summary text of the game page, and voicing dialogue between characters. We analyzed Salvato’s claims and purposes to relate the game’s 4th wall breaking themes and its role in microecology. We used a google doc to organize rough drafts, outlines, and a script. Finally, we added credit sources to the podcast’s description properly.

NOTE: I am most proud of the hilarious voice-acting in the podcast. Creative thinking definitely improved since we took a lot of inspiration from outer sources leading to voice-acting and music variety.



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