Slime 3D

This is a generic slime character from the video game franchise, Dragon Quest. His name is Rocket Slime, and I loved his design from the series. When it came to 3d printing, I was first inspired by bulbous, stackable characters such as Disney’s Tsum Tsums or those stackable stuffed animals. This slime is stackable with other duplicates of it since it has a hole at the bottom. There were drawn parallels to me that if something was small and plastic, it should be a simplistic character which could be holdable. This design easily rests in my palm. I found other slime models and stackable characters on Thingiverse, but none spoke out to me as almost identical. Painting was the most difficult. I did not have any acrylics, but I found out permanent markers went great on any surface including pcl. Also I added eyelids to this character, because I found the muppet-like eyes to be more endearing than the original slime.

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