My heart goes “ba-boon-ba-boon”

My little valentine monkey

I was sitting in the living room, scrolling through the various “Sunday Sketches” by Christopher Niemann. After the tiny valentine’s party at my brother’s preschool, he came back with plastic hearts and confections galore. Some leftovers were in his tiny hands, and he excitedly gave me a heart-shaped capsule.

Some ideas I came up with was a peach, an apple or some fish, but I went with the most obvious : the butt. The gorilla headphones combo photo by Christopher Niemann actually inspired me of the mammal and I knew that the baboon would have the largest butt to fit this heart capsule. After looking through some reference photos, I settled on this one, because I was not familiar with the anatomy of a baboon.

I then applied some markers and pencil to add color. Truthfully, I wanted to draw the baboon in a more stylized, simplified style with marker, but I decided it would not look good. The marker around the baboon was added for color. I also put a filter on the photo, because I did not like the white, neutral sheen of the paper.

Reference photo: “Baboon Butt” by Thegillman9


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