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An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Combo Photo

I started out picking my favorite color and looking up what objects are red on google. There were plenty of children picture book references. I then put away the project for another idea. After a quick study session of anatomy, I realized that apples and hearts are red and decided to go along with that age-old statement about apples and doctors.

Some challenges I faced was deciding whether to overlay the apple or just stick it on top of the heart. Overlaying the apple would make it not look like an apple, but sticking it on top would make the heart seem an odd shape. I went with the second option and erased the apple enough to fit the heart. I saturated the colors more to match the reds. The longest part was erasing the overlay, but a quick question on the internet helped me to figure out how to use PicMonkey. A tip: Use the Graphics Icon to overlay and insert more than one image. Also right-clicking brings up the eraser and fade options to blend the two images.

Final message

This image conveys how healthful eating can prevent heart problems and other diseases/illnesses. The clash of 3d to 2d creates the hypothetical situation of awareness where eating healthfully would not produce obvious results of healthiness but still contributes to it. It is my take on “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

Sources: Heart by Injurymap

Apple by Open Grid Scheduler


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